Gamma Detection Challenges

Gamma Radiation Portal Monitors

Ludlum's Model 4525 System Series Radiation Portal Monitors (RPMs) offer a robust and field-proven technology for efficient gamma radiation detection. The systems feature large area PVT detectors and advanced algorithms that are the keys to detecting and locating gamma sources. Modular detector units may be configured to best address the geometry of the different vehicles to optimize successful detection and to accurately determine the location of the radioactive source.

These systems:

  • Are manufactured by Ludlum Measurements, Inc. using Eljen Technology's PVT

  • Include two photomultiplier tubes within each detector for 30% higher gamma sensitivity


Typical Placement of Detectors

Radioactive material can be shielded by various dense materials. Locating the RPM system at the weight scales increases the effectiveness of the procedure. This aids the operator in determining if heavy, dense material is being used to shield a source.




From Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) to refined radiation sources, undetected sources of gamma radiation can be anywhere. They can be intentionally concealed or innocently overlooked. They can be easily discovered or difficult to detect. 

Contact Ludlum Measurements, Inc for professional assistance in determining the radiation portal monitor solutions that best fits your requirements. For further information on the Model 4525 System Series specifications.