Incident Response

Incidents that involve, or could potentially involve, radioactive contamination outside its designated boundaries require an immediate, competent, and well-equipped response. First responders are trained and delegated to arrive at a scene of potential contamination and assess whether or not they are facing a radioactive environment. If so, then the type, level, and scope of the problem must be determined.

Ludlum Measurements, Inc designs, manufactures, calibrates, and sells a wide assortment of instruments that enable users to make the best decisions for the best response. Shown below are just a few of the tools that will help locate, identify, and contain radioactive contamination.

TRIAGE: selection of the proper instrument to identify and quantify radioactive contamination

PROTECTION: dosimeters and monitors with alerts and alarms to help keep personnel safe

CONTROL: data-logging, sample testing, area and personnel monitors, and access/egress portals.


Am I dealing with a radioactive environment?






Model 14C-RK

Emergency Response Kit




  Floor Contaminat 4c352f43d55f0

 Model 239-1F with Model 2360

Floor Contamination Monitor


Has my area of interest become contaminated with radioactivity?






Model 375-10

Gamma Area Monitor





Model 25

Personal Radiation Monitor


Is radioactive material coming in or going out of my facility?






Model 375P-1000

Outdoor Radiation Contamination Monitor




m52-1 occupied-

Model 52-1

Personnel Beta Gamma Portal Monitor