Neutron Detection

Model 4525-xxxxN System Series

Ludlum's gamma/neutron Model 4525-xxxN systems are very effective in determining if neutron radiation sources are in their expected locations. These Radiation Portal Monitors (RPMs) enable the effective monitoring of neutron radiation movement.

Detection & Shielding

Detection and shielding for neutron radiation requires a different approach than that used for gamma-only radiation. For a given radioactive source either the gamma or neutron component could be suppressed, thereby risking exposure due to failure to detect and shield against it.That is one reason why Ludlum Measurements, Inc. offers you gamma/neutron Radiation Portal Monitors in one integrated system.



Neutron Radiation Sources

Neutron radiation sources are less common than gamma radiation sources and have specific industrial or weapons applications. The use of neutron radiation is not as common as the use of gamma radiation. Naturally occurring neutron sources of any magnitude are almost non-existent.  



Ludlum gamma/neutron detection systems can be configured for governmental, industrial, and transportation applications or discrete indoor use, such as in airport or rail passenger areas.


System Notification

The Model 4525-xxxxN series systems provide a variety of alarms, alarm control, imaging solutions, and system diagnostics. The systems are designed for network integration.