Airports have unique radiation portal monitor requirements. Ludlum has both the gamma or gamma/neutron detection system components and the required expertise in the application of the fundamental radiation detection building blocks. These systems typically require:

• Multiple-lane monitoring
• Remote monitoring
• Advance networking architectures
• Various modes of alarm notification

Off-the-shelf or custom, the experts at Ludlum Measurements, Inc. will help you in the design, manufacture, and installation of your radiation detection system. Ludlum has solutions that include:

• Discrete radiation detection in passenger areas, Model 4525-1000N
• Medical isotope radiation from passengers, Model 702i
• Baggage conveyor radiation detection systems, Model 375P-336
• Air cargo radiation detection systems, Model 375P-1000N
• Vehicular radiation detection systems, Model 375P-1000N
• Area monitoring, Model 375-10