Ludlum Measurements, Inc. provides gamma or gamma/neutron radiation portal monitors designed to handle the unique challenges of border monitoring.

•    Cost-effective auto, truck, and rail monitoring
•    Gamma or gamma/neutron detectors
•    Multi-lane, high volume monitoring, with near real-time alarms
•    Over-speed alarms
•    Approximate source location
•    Remote detection data and video
•    Continuous monitoring of background and system operational status
•    Proven operational capabilities in very harsh environments


Subject Imaging & Source Location Information

Product Links

Model 4525-7000 (Two Detector System)

Model 4525-10500 (Three Detector System)

Model 4525-21000 (Six Detector System)

Model 4525-Series Generation IV (Newly Reconfigured systems with state-of-the-art technology)