Ludlum Measurements, Inc provides dependable solutions to radiation detection scenarios posed by pedestrians in different environments. Versatile, cost-effective, and rugged instruments in a detection system comprise the first step in management and control of potential radioactive contamination sites. Ludlum radiation detection experts are available to assist in the design and implementation phase of your project whether you are screening for beta, gamma, or neutron radiation sources, or a combination of them. Ludlum systems have been installed since 2006 at multiple locations, such as

•  U.S. government installations and applications, such as FEMA
•  nuclear power-plant ingress/egress applications
•  fixed and mobile emergency response applications

M52-1-1 copy


Ludlum Model 52-1-1

• Meets FEMA-REP-21

• Beta / Gamma detection

• 81 cm wide

• Portable

• AC or batter operation

• Mobile car portal configuration

M53 b

Ludlum Model 53

• 8 detectors: 3 on each side, one overhead, one under feet

• Dual display

• Single board computer

• Ethernet connectivity

• High Sensitivity