System Support


Initial System Consultation

  • No charge for this valuable resource
  • Ascertain your needs
  • Configure system
  • Quote

Written Proposals

  • Available on large, customized system installations
  • Offered on firm fixed or cost plus basis

System Installation

  • Printed and electronic documentation provided
  • Customer Responsibility Checklist for site preparation
  • Project management
  • Final review and acceptance testing


  • On-Site
  • Customer Site
  • Electronic Conferencing

Technical Support

  • Radiation Portal Monitor systems 866-420-9732
  • Instrument support 800-622-0828

Spare Parts

  • Quick factory response
  • Spares kit strategies
  • Consumables

On-site Repair/Verification

  • Ludlum factory technician
  • Ludlum trained technician, locally based

Multi-lingual Software and Documentation

  • 4525 System - Chinese (Taiwan, Mainland), English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish
  • Contact Ludlum with your language request.

Optional Remote Access Assistance

  • Over the internet using TeamViewer