Ludlum Measurements, Inc


  • Since 1962 Ludlum Measurements, Inc. has amassed a wealth of information, engineering knowledge, and manufacturing experience. We will help you implement the best radiation detection solution for your challenge.

  • Over 2500 Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) systems installed world-wide

  • Ludlum products have been evaluated and qualified by independent testing at:
           - National Institute of Standards
           - U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories
           - Installations around the world

  • Designed to meet IAEA standards

  • Ludlum products have a demonstrated, high Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and a low mean time to repair.

  • Greater than 99.9% uptime. Ludlum RPMs have demonstrated MTBF of 8500 hours.

  • World-wide, world-class support

  • Privately owned, financially stable, vertical product manufacturer. Ludlum has direct control on technology, quality, cost, and supply chain.


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•    Ludlum products have a demonstrated, high mean time between failure and a
      low mean time to repair.